In which industries have varied aluminum alloys?


Aluminum alloy is the most widely used nonferrous metal structure material in industry. With the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts is increasing. Now it has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, ship and daily life.

Aluminum alloy transformed into mobile phone material

Most mobile phone fuselages used to be made of plastic. Later, Apple boldly replaced plastic with toughened glass. However, toughened glass was fragile and inconvenient to use. Later, Apple switched to aluminum alloy as a metal fuselage. This change led to the entire mobile phone industry.

Why use aluminum alloy as a metal fuselage?

Aluminum alloy materials are easier to produce high-grade, beautiful and bright feel. Secondly, aluminum alloy material is very light, the proportion of only one third of stainless steel, he also scratch resistance, although its strength is not high, the smash phone will have a small pit but will not scratch. In addition, aluminum alloy material also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, no fingerprints, antistatic, environmental protection and non-toxic.

Flying aluminum alloy material

Aeronautical materials have a great impact on the performance of aircraft. Aluminum alloy is used to make aircraft. Its greatest advantage is that aluminum alloy itself has a light weight, so that the aircraft can fly to the sky with less power.

Domestic aircraft manufacturing will adopt three basic aluminum alloys: high strength aluminum alloy, heat-resistant aluminum alloy and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy according to the different use conditions and parts of the aircraft.

High strength aluminum alloy is mainly used for aircraft fuselage, engine compartment, seat and other components.

Heat resistant aluminum alloys are mainly used in engine room, air exchange system, etc.

The corrosion resistant aluminum alloy is mainly used in the water plane. It belongs to aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum magnesium zinc alloy.

In addition to making aircraft, domestic made spaceships also use aluminum alloy materials. At present, aluminum alloys used in aerospace are mainly divided into: aluminum alloy large-scale extrusion profiles, aluminum lithium alloy, aluminum alloy thick plate, aluminum alloy castings.

Aluminum alloy and automobile lightweight

Because of the demand of environmental protection and energy saving, the lightweight of automobile has become the new trend of the development of domestic automobile industry. Because of its low density and excellent performance, aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the car body, so that the car can get better power and reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, aluminum alloy is a very good material for recycling, which also makes the maintenance of automobiles more convenient, both economically and performance are better, therefore, aluminum alloy has become the preferred material in the development of automotive lightweight technology.

What parts of automobile production are made of aluminum alloy nowadays?

Theoretically, parts of the car can be made of aluminum alloy. For example, all-aluminum engines, all-aluminum body, automotive wheels, suspension system horns, swing arms, and car roof racks are made of aluminum.